• Philosophy
       Human resource idea of Zhuoneng
    :Take only the wise,both have ability and character.
       Insist on the correct employment concept of take only the wise ,both have ability and character at the inception of the company.Set the employing thought,which isattaching  the performance  rather  than  process.In the long run, this mechanism arouses greatly the enthusiasm of all employees .
       After long-term practice , we keep talents through the following measures
       1. Give good role to the professional advantages of talents,strive to provide adaptive opportunity.
       2.Create a challenging work environment, that talents in enterprise have the sense of belonging and pride.
       3.Create  good living conditions, make talents feel the emotional concern.
       4.Create  good promotion conditions. First, establish an objective and fair evaluation system .Secondly ,according to post responsibility make elaborate work plan.Third,with clear promotion ways and development goals.Fourth, the personnel manager often give clerk growth for effective guidance.