• R & D system

  • Surfactant research center

    It is established in April, 2004. The main goal is to study and develop the special cleansing products with surfactant contained , and to put this technical outcome into use in many industrial areas . Zhouneng has many gifted talents.They are capable of doing new research by using their comprehensive knowledge and be able to reach the area beyond.The center is supplied with all sorts of complicated equipments such as surfactant tester..Zhouneng has built up alliance with many universities and labs.At present , it has started 20 programs, some of which are being in the process of national patent review.Firmly speaking ,the products made from Zhouneng are able to replace the same ones imported from abroad. For example, surfactant compound within drying agent for restaurant use,full synthetic metal working fluids within corrosion inhibition , water-mixed metal cutting fluid with corrosion inhibition in place of oil base.

    Study deirection

    Study mainly includes basic surfactant application and utilization in many fields of industry .On the guide of market , we focus on bringing matured technology of surfactant application into use in many areas of manufacture industry so as to make industrial surfactant as our main product and continue studing into drying agent for restaurant use ,fabric cleansing detergent , metal working fluids (especially sensitive metal works),corrosion inhibitor in water based ,full synthetic metal working fluid and water rust remover.

    Study range

    1. drying agent for compounds , used for restaurant washing machine.
    2.water-based corrosion inhibitors for rust removing ,metal working fluid .
    3.mineral oil emulsifier
    4.additive for textile care
    5.solution adhesive


    Sample test lab description

    It is set up in May ,2005. Tasks mainly include application sample test and analysis for customers , and analyzed for outcome that what material ingredients are included after being tested and analyzed for Zhouneng production . It also take charge of quality control.The ofice is held responsible by experienced professionals who strictly stick to procedures by following the regulations and rules from home and abroad . A number of advanced equipments such as are purchased and in use .

    Product development center

    It is established in June,2007.The center tried to put newly created surfactant to practical use for purpose. In the meantime,it helped to study the issues raised by clients and then turn some requests of clients into product improvement .Since then ,many special products are successfully developed and produced. For instance :MEseries of low foam, anti-alkali surfactant, which is mainly made for drying agent in restaurant dish washing use. It ihelps solve the prombleof. By comparing with the same category of products imported from foreign country,the price for our product is much attractive . It is rated reliable and much better for years.
    Now , the office takes more takes to do new research for what is being requested from our clients.