• Company Events

  • In October 1999

       Taiyuan Zhuoneng Fine Chemicals CO. ,LTD. was incorporated.

    In April 2000
    The first laboratory of surfactant application and research was ed,whichsymboled the enterprise was supported by the technology and led by the market.

    In June 2004
       We developed ME series of low foam alkali-surfactant with proprietary intellectual property rights. They appeared in the market successfully and were widely approved by customers.

    In May 2005
       In order to meet demands of the market, we founded the second laboratory where researchers tested and analysed samples, which symboled we can provide different products according to the different demands of customers.

    In February 2006
       The laboratory of application study of surface active agent was the standardizing laboratorywhich was identified by Science and Technology Department of Shanxi Province.The strength in research and development was confirmed by relevant departments.

    In June 2007
       Through striving to make technological breakthrough, the enterprise’s technology research and development department has researched and developed polyhydroxy mingle ether and blocking  alcohol ether which had specific functions. They provide special materials to extend product chains.

    In June 2007
       To transform train of thought about reseaching and developing products and expand products, the third laboratory was ed for researching and developing new products, and its specific function was to solve common difficult problems in surface active agent application field  and provide specific products for our customers.

    In September 2008
       We cooperated with ComStar China—the famous company, and developed a technical strategic cooperation partner with them, at the same time, we became the regular supplier of raw material market for them.

    In October 2009
       To expand production, we decided to relocate the plant to Taiyuan Gold Coast, the industrial park.

    In April 2010
       We relocated to Taiyuan Gold Coast, the industrial park smoothly.

    In May 2010
       We declared the project of “research and development of energy-saving, environmental protection, and the level of nanometer multifunction metal processing liquid” which was confirmed as 2010 strategic emerging industry cultivation special emphasis to recommend project. In November, the project has been assessed as "department of Shanxi Province 2011 special torch plan".

    In November 2010
       ANTIRUST-80 water-based metallic rust-proof agents were appointed as special products for export by Shandong ChangTai steel group for their seven sub-branch.

    In December 2010
       The enterprise was recommended as “one of the ten private enterprises for scientific and technical innovation” by Taiyuan association of industry and commerce.