• EMULSIFIER-5188 Effects of mineral oil emulsifier
  • Features
    Excellent emulsifying power for mineral oil
    Low foam
    Super dispersing ability for particles (dyes, carbon, etc.)
    High tolerance to water hardness
    Especially suitable to room temperature cleaning (liquid mineral oil)
    Energy saving
    Better than “226” in the same dosage

    Machine, container and parts cleaners

    Typical Physical Properties
    Appearance   transparent, colourless or yellowishliquid
    Active Ingredient, wt%    96
    PH   5-8

    Dilute with water by 20 - 25 times before application of the product.

    1.Cooperating proper alkali (such as sodium hydroxide) and complexing agent is helpful to improve the detergency.
       2. Avoid using with other surfactants in practice!
       3.Avoid using with carbonate!

    Storage and transport: 
    Galvanized iron or plastic barrel, net weight 200kg;
        This product is not flammable, explosive, dangerous goods during transport, do not squeeze, to lightly armed, light unloading;
        Should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place, storage period of one year. A year later, re-examination of qualified can still be used.