• ME36 Composite low foam surfactant
  • Chemical properties: 
       Low foam surfactant compound.

    Product  Name:Surfactant pre-mixture for rinse aid
      Low foam (especially used over 60℃)
    • Excellent food soil defoaming
    • Good soap soil defoaming
    •Outstanding wetting capability
    •Excellent hard surface detergency
    • Alkaline & acid stability
    • High temperature resistance
    • High tolerance to water hardness
    • Quick biodegradation

    • Food & Dairy Cleaners
    • Machine Dishwashing
    • Rinse Aids

    As a replacement of the combination of RPE2520 + PE 6200, ME 35 works better, is more cost effective (no hydrotrope needed even in summer season) and more friendly to the environment.
    Typical Physical Properties
    Appearance    Transparent,colourless or light yellow liquid
    Cloud point, 1% in deionized water, ℃   32 - 34
    PH, 5% in deionized water    5 - 8
    Density at 20°C    1.02

    Solubility and Compatibility
    •High tolerance to high concentration of alkali
    • Soluble in water
    • Chemically stable in dilute solutions of non-oxidizing acids
    • Compatible with anionic, cationic, and other nonionic surfactant


    Storage and transport:
       Product packaging: 200kg plastic barrel or galvanized steel drum.
       The product shelf life is one years, and should be stored in a cool.A year later, re-examination of qualified can still be used.
       This product does not belong to inflammable, explosive or dangerous goods. in transit, do not squeeze, loading and unloading shoud be light.