• GB-42 Resisting highalkali penetrating agent
  • Chemical properties: 
       Surfactant compound
    Description   Surfactant Type: Nonionic

    • Low Foam
    • Excellent wetting
    • Alkaline & acid stability

    • Pigment dispersions
    • Textile processing
    • Wetting agents
    • rolling oil cleaners

    Typical Physical Properties
    Appearance    Transparent, light yellow liquid
    pH, 5% in deionized water    5 - 8
    Density at 25°C    1.02
    Pour Point, °C    -10

    Typical Performance Properties
    1)Draves 40 sec wetting concn (in 200g/L caustic solution), wt% at 25°C   3
    Draves 5 sec wetting concn (in 15g/L caustic solution), wt% at 25°C   0.5
    2) With fast penetrability, equality and good emulsification, it has the best effect when used at 25℃
    3) By using this product, fabrics after processed do not need boiling and can be directly bleached or dyed, making fabric soft
    4) Makes the dyeing time short and reduces color change
    5) Cotton processingcan be completed in one process of cotton when combined GB 42 with hydrogen peroxide and direct dye

    Solubility and Compatibility
    • Soluble in water
    • Soluble in alcohols, glycols acetone, aromatics, and chlorinated solvents
    • Insoluble in highly aliphatic materials
    • Poor stability on solid caustic
    • Compatible with anionic, cationic, and other nonionic surfactants
    • Chemically stable in the presence of alkaline materials, also phosphoric & weaker acids

    Storage and transport: 
       Galvanized iron or plastic barrel, 200kg and 20kg net weight of two.
       This product is not flammable, explosive, dangerous goods during transport, do not squeeze, to lightly armed, light discharge.
       Should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place, storage period of 1 year. A year later, re-examination of qualified can still be used.