• ANTIRUST-80 water-base metal antirust agent
  • Characteristics and strengths
         It has been proven that this product is applicable to corrosion inhibition of ferros metals and cast iron and against biolgical contamination ,good for strage and even over one-year oversea transportation ,meeting the requirements for export ,replacing grease inhibitors .The ingredients are environmental friendly nontoxic.
    Physical properties:
        Appearance (before a dilute):brown transparent liquid
       Proportion:(25℃):        1.08-1.11
       pH( 5% in deionized water  ):  8.5-9.0

    Reference to usage
       According to the requirements of users for anti-rust period, Use tap water to dilute accord to 1:4-1:15.

       20kgplastic barrel and cons 200kg packing.

    The containers to deposit
       Should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated in the environment. Guaranteed in more than one year.

       This material is based on the knowledge and experience of our company, all is real .we will not take responsibilityfor any proposal about this material, because we can not control user’s actual condition and situation. So, the buyer shall accord to own actual application environment to test and affirm in the lab of his own .need to remind that is: Product typical characteristics of data shall not be deemed a product standards. My company has the right to improve our product, if the product specification is change, please forgive without prior notice.